What is Alexa.com and what does it do?

24 Ocak 2020

Alexa has a web that offers web metering and SEO tools owned by the US-based Amazon firm. Alex-logo-vector All the sites on the internet are an organization that ranks them based on certain criteria. You can do an analysis for each of the websites. Alexa, as a company in 1996, has a strong database as the work goes back quite a long time. When you use what information on the website, it is preferred as the first measurements to be taken. While Alexa is making measurements, the movement that enters the site is based on movements and makes a measurement accordingly. Among these criteria is for a person to the site search engines. Or it takes an analysis by taking into account how important they entered within the site and the time they spent on that site. How Does Alexa Obtain Information About Sites? Alexa websites get catalog information from many sources, but for components from most browser plugins.

Are Alexa Results Trusted? Of course, no analysis system gives 100% accurate results. After all, Alexa also guesses about all her traffic by going through a sample. However, Alexa currently provides approximately the most realistic data for a site name. So if Alexa says a site is in the top 100 sites in a country, this is probably true. Just as the ratings of a TV show or a program are taken into consideration and an advertisement is given accordingly, Alexa does the same job on the internet. In other words, those who want to advertise on a website are based on Alexa’s data and advertise on that site accordingly. In other words, how accurate the work done by an SEO expert on the site is directly related to Alexa’s ranking metrics for that site. Alexa data, that is, it has a site capacity for measurement. It is also approximately 30 million sites. More precisely, if a site rank within the first 30 million then it means that it has entered Alexa data. In addition, this system lists the sites that enter the first 1 million.

Seeing Scores About Your Site on Alexa All you need to do is log into the Alexa.com site and start the review by typing the address of the site in the search section. In this way, it is directly revealed that the researched site is both in the country it serves and in the world. So there is no need to be the owner or administrator of a site to review it. In this way, the ranking of all sites entering Alexa data can be learned. On the other hand, Alexa has a part of the countries within the site. In this part of the country’s name in English with Turkey in the country when it selected as the top 100 site users enter their sites from possible to see it that way. Moreover, when the Turkish section is selected, the most visited Turkish sites can also be seen. Many internet users who take this kind of transaction very seriously use this data to do some basic work on the internet. At the same time, people who want to advertise on any site by logging into Alexa are enlightened in this way with the closest and realistic data. To see your ranking in Alexa, simply go to http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/ and type your domain name in the search box.

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